People compare hiring a personal chef to eating in their own private restaurant, preferring the added experience of dining in to dining out. What’s more, a personal chef hire allows scope for those ‘special extras’ and touches of intimacy to make your dinner party everything that you ever dreamed of. With me as your private chef you can expect your dinner party to encompass all of these things and much more.
What would you say to a rare evening taking pleasure in the delights of an exclusively created menu, designed for you, in the comfort of your own home?
What could be more elegant than taking time out with family and friends and having your taste buds pampered by a world class personal chef at your very own private dinner party?
Experience the synergy of flavours and the perfect balancing of dishes, designed to take you on a journey of discovery from the first to the last bite. Savour the warming multitude of aromas throughout your home and enjoy the abundance of complementing textures, precisely created to bring a sense of exhilaration to your pallet.